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IFSC Post-Convention Classes - Monday 20 November 2017
10:0016:30Dr Stephen Skinner

Advanced Flying Stars (part III)

How does the Lo Shu relate to the Ho Tu?
Castle Gate facing rules.
The use of the Ho Tu numbers in identifying the Primary Castle Gates.
Reading the sequences round the luo pan.
The differences between combinations of 3-jade versus 4-green.
Why you need to know both San He and San Yuan feng shui.
The order in which you should diagnose the feng shui of a site.
How to identify a fake Seven Star Robbery chart.
Why the division of each Trigram into the 3 sub-directions is important.
Their relation to flying direction.
The placing of doors or water inside a Palace.
The doctrine of yin/yang reciprocity.
What is the relationship between tilting the door and the facing.
How to improve a bad facing.
How to cure fan yin/fu yin, especially at change of Period.
Ch’i mouth secrets.
How should you use Earth Base stars.
Using Shen Chu Reng’s lo pan design.
The correct use of move in date.
Case studies


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