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IFSC Post-Convention Classes - Monday 20 November 2017
10:0016:30Master Jacek Kryg

Yi Jing and its contribution to Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG)

Historical and philosophy background of the Book of Changes
Time and space in Chinese metaphysics
What ‘Gua’ and ‘Da Gua’ really means
The main concepts of Xuan Kong Da Gua
How to build the hexagram from the first to the last yao
The anatomy of a hexagram
The meaning of trigrams
The meaning of a hexagram
Time and space hexagrams
Trigrams and hexagrams on a San Yuan luo pan
Yao lines on San Yuan Luo Pan
60 Jia Zi, yin and yang and the five Elements
60 Jia Zi and their hexagrams
Personal Da Gua, time Da Gua and space Da Gua
8 houses or 8 families in the Yijing and in XKDG
Chosen connections between 64 hexagrams
Practical applications of XKDG
Chosen examples of XKDG feng shui of houses

If there is time there will be an added Bonus talk:
Using the Yijing calendar
How to use the Yijing yarrow sticks


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