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IFSC Pre-Convention Classes - Friday 17 November 2017
10:0016:00Master Yap Boh Chu

Fundamentals of San He

San He Feng Shui translates to 3 Harmony; how the three Harmonies of Dragon, Water and Mountain create good Feng Shui. 3 Harmony of Dragon, Water and Mountain refers to the Dragon as the source of the good Qi; Water to control the Qi and the Sitting Mountain (or Facing Direction) to tap into this auspicious formation. As it is environmentally based, it is less prone to time changes as Xuan Kong methods, giving a longer lasting effect.

In this course, we will explain the following:

The 3 Rings of the San He Luopan
      The Human Ring
      The Earth Ring
      The Heaven Ring
The Na Jia - taking the Stem into the Gua
Yin Yang of the 24 Mountains San He Style
Application of San He
      Pure Yin
      Pure Yang
     3 Harmony Formations
      Timing Aspects of San He


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