Program 2017

MC Master Janene Laird & Master Tyler RoweModerator: GM Vincent Koh
Day 1 - 18 November (Saturday) - Ballroom
08300930Registration and Arrival, Coffee and Networking
09300945President's Speech
09450950Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
09501000Master Accreditation Awards
10001030Keynote SpeechKeynote Speech - Ancient Methods - Modern Living
10301120GM Tan Khoon Yong & Master Goh Guan LeongFeng shui in Modern Interior design: a Symphony of Art
11301220GM Vincent KohReading the Chinese Almanac: its structure & history
12301400Lunch Break
14001445GM Stephen SkinnerIntegration of different feng shui methods
14501535GM Raymond LoModern Qi Men Dun Jia
15401600Coffee Break
16001645Master Jacek KrygThe Yi Jing in Xuan Kong Da Gua
16501735Marites Allen Feng Shui Fashion
  End of Day 1

Day 2 - 19 November 2017 (Sunday)
  Ballroom 1Ballroom 2
09000930Registration and Arrival, Coffee and Networking
09301015Dr Jin PehMaster Fiona Hawkins
Four Pillars of Destiny Celebrity Charts: an Alternative InterpretationDiscovering Feng Shui Forests
10201105Master Esra KoyuncoHanz Cua
The Impact of Landforms on People Palm Reading
11101155t.b.a.Master Cristina Groza
 Using Bazi and Feng Shui to improve Relationships
12001330Lunch Break
13301415Master Jen StoneMaster SBS Surendra
Feng Shui Fallacies Chinese and Japanese Gardens
14201505Master Petra Coll ExpositoMaster Yap Boh Chu
Practical ExamplesSan He Fundamentals
15101555Master Tyler Rowe Master Viktoriia Khilinich
Chinese Cosmology: Heavenly Stems and Earthly BranchesThe Effect of the Five Elements on Health
16001630Coffee Break
16301700Master Aparna AgarwalWhy study Chinese Metaphysics
17001745Master Janene LairdPrepare Yourself and your Home for 2018 - Yang Earth Dog Year
17501800President's Closing Ceremony & Speakers' Presentations
19002330Gala Dinner
  End of Day 2