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Chinese Metaphysics for Good Fortune & Prosperity

Throughout history, mankind has been on an endless pursuit of prosperity, seeking good fortune to elevate his comforts in life. Prosperity is however much more than wealth alone. Mental and physical wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, career growth – are only some examples of what prosperity comprises. Different societies, cultures and eras define prosperity in their own way, creating differing ways to pursue it. IFSC 2021 will bring together Feng Shui Masters from around the world to share their perspective of good fortune and prosperity and how we can effectively pursue and attain it by leveraging on principles of Chinese Metaphysics. Journey with us as we explore and analyse the pursuit of good fortune and prosperity in the context of diverse cultural and political approaches and techniques.


IFSC 2021 – Convention Programme

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Virtual Convention Programme
4-7 November 2021

Emcee & Moderator:
Master Janene Laird

Presentations are available LIVE or ON-DEMAND


Day [-1] –Pre-Convention Class – Thursday, 4 November 2021

1000 - 1700
Ba Zhai - A Complete System (Part 1)
By Master Yap Boh Chu

Many know about the Ba Zhai (8 Mansions) school of Feng Shui as a simple system that is based on a person date of birth to generate 4 good directions and 4 bad directions. However, Ba Zhai is much more than that. Although many know the simple application only from the 8 direction of the Ba Gua, proper Ba Zhai actually uses the 24 mountains. It is a complete system that holds all the essentials of a feng shui - location, direction and timing.

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Day 0 – Pre-Convention Class – Friday, 5 November 2021

0900 - 1600
Ba Zhai - A Complete System (Part 2)
By Master Yap Boh Chu

Many know about the Ba Zhai (8 Mansions) school of Feng Shui as a simple system that is based on a person date of birth to generate 4 good directions and 4 bad directions. However, Ba Zhai is much more than that. Although many know the simple application only from the 8 direction of the Ba Gua, proper Ba Zhai actually uses the 24 mountains. It is a complete system that holds all the essentials of a feng shui - location, direction and timing.

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1800 - 1930

IFSA AGM (IFSA Members Only)

Day 1 – Saturday, 6 November 2021

0001 - 2359

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1000 – 1125
Opening Session

Welcome message, Introduction and housekeeping notes by Emcees
Opening Speech by IFSA President
Opening Ceremony

Master Yap Boh Chu

Many people know that feng shui is all about prosperity, but what is prosperity? Most equate prosperity with wealth, and will say that feng shui can help to make you rich. Many of you as practitioners must have encountered questions from clients such as “Now that you have done my feng shui, when can I strike lottery?” or “Will I soon become a millionaire?” Is it all that feng shui is about, by making people rich? As a matter of fact, traditional interpretation of “Prosperity” is much more than wealth and Feng Shui is an all-encompassing practice that supports a person in many other ways as well. To truly appreciate what feng shui can do for us, let us delve into Chinese culture to understand more about”福” or “prosperity”, and the true meaning of “being rich”.

1135 - 1220
GM Raymond Lo
Transition from Period 8 to 9 - House Design for Prosperity

In accordance with Flying Star feng shui theory, we are entering “Age of 9” as from 4th Feb. 2024. This is new age associate with the Fire Trigram and will bring many changes to the world. GM Raymond Lo will discuss what will be the implications of such new age affecting the world for the next 20 years and as feng shui consultant, what aspects we should consider when applying “Age 9” flying star charts in designing new houses. The presentation will demonstrate the best flying star charts for “Age of 9” and how one can employ Form school and Compass school theories such as water formula to enhance harmony and prosperity in “Age of 9” houses.

1230 - 1315
Master Cristina Groza &
Master Jacek Kryg
The I Ching and Ba Gua in Feng Shui – Relations and Applications

Chinese Metaphysics is a vast system that helps human beings achieve balance and harmony in their lives. Within the system, everything is connected and works in perfect symbiosis, like organs inside a human body. I Ching and Feng Shui are among these organs that work together to complete one another. The wisdom and principles on which I Ching based on and the rules that connect individual hexagrams can be used in many ways, such as to forecast happiness and good luck that awaits us, or by observing it’s facing with Xuan Kong Da Gua skills, which dwelling brings happiness and good luck and which is to be avoided. Since both feng shui schools use the trigram system, let’s find out how Ba Gua is used as a tool for both I Ching and Feng Shui analysis with practical examples.

1315 - 1415
Lunch Break
1415 - 1500
Mr Ray Goh
Building Fortune with Ziwei Bazi (紫微八字) Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. With its grave effect on the economy that directly affecting people’s livelihood, the most dreadful to see in this trying time is that many tried their best in finding a way out but in vain, as though that was part of their destiny. Can one’s destiny be changed? Can Ziwei-Bazi or Metaphysic build better future and fortune for one? Life is short, how can we utilise the big data to live our dream and passion? We often have our destiny analysed and Feng Shui optimised not because of superstition or culture, but with a goal to organise and measure the best of our energies and skills. "Knowing your path is the beginning of all wisdom, preparing ahead is better than repenting & repairing”. This is the message Mr Ray Goh has for you, and he will elaborate further through his insightful presentation.

1510 – 1800
Prosper with Feng Shui Fundamentals
Master Vijayal Sunassee
Using Symbolic Stars in Bazi to Enhance Your Life

Master Vijayal Sunassee will introduce how the 8 characters in a Bazi Chart, which consists of heavenly stems and earthly branches, can give a good idea of a person’s astrological make-up. This in turn allows one to manage life subtly towards a desired direction. How “Symbolic Stars”, the special stars that can reveal interesting information about our destiny, been viewed as ‘signals’? Which “Symbolic Stars” are ‘cherries on the cake’, that have survived the test of time? How to identify these “Symbolic Stars” in a chart? What are their meanings and interpretation? Master Vijayal Sunassee will share with you answers of these questions as well as examples of these stars in Bazi of famous persons.

Master Carolyn McCallum
Fabulous Flying Stars and the Importance of Facing Direction & Landforms in Feng Shui

Taught by many teachers over the last 15 years, Master Carolyn McCallum has been utilising and incorporating her knowledge in Flying Stars and Landform Feng Shui for her professional consultations to get excellent results for both her business and residential clients. The importance of getting an accurate facing direction cannot be underestimated as the first step in the process. Observing what is around the property is also crucial whether this be natural or man-made landforms. Master Carolyn McCallum will be presenting a checklist of the aspects she uses when completing a Feng Shui analysis as well as some examples of how following these steps has enabled her to improve the wealth, health and relationships of her clients.

Master Marylyn Clarke Warner
Expansive Positive Chi

It is essential to understand the nature of the Prosperous flying stars, individually and combined, during different periods and how their uplifting enhancing energy can be amplified. As we move from Period 8 towards Period 9 in 2024, the dynamic multiplying energy of the number 9 can be felt with its ability to transform quickly all areas of our life with health, harmony and wealth. These classical techniques do work, like comprehending the need for expansion. This is reflected in Ho Tu Numbers that infuse a building with the distribution of good luck so the chi flows. Timing is always vital but now more than ever, to grow, prosper and succeed. With 25 years of experience as a Feng Shui Master, Master Marylynn Clarke Warner is inspired to share with you, how to reinforce good fortune at one's door, in one's living room and home office.

Master Esra Koyuncu
A Holistic Approach to Prosperity

Money does not fall from the sky... or does it? In any case one should earn their own living in order to progress as a human being. If we intend to activate the abundance energy in our lives, we need to prepare ourselves and take a step towards that path. As a yang metal person who has experienced many ups and downs in life, Master Esra Koyuncu will give you practical, useful and simple tips in light of ancient knowledge such as Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis (Bazi), that you can use in your daily life. Dive in deep with her and get ready to consciously seize opportunities that come to you. Shed your past beliefs about your relationship with resources, shift your mind set, gain awareness on your strongest potential, and recognize your strong points and luck periods. Once you are open and conscious of your potential, nothing can stop the abundance from flowing to you.

Master Ayuka Kaorumoto
Prosper with I Ching Divination

I Ching Divination is a very handy and accurate forecasting skill under Chinese metaphysics. All one needs is 3 coins and one can get answers to all kinds of questions in daily lives. The most effective and convenient I Ching Divination skill is King Wen Oracle system which is the authentic forecasting technique employed by Chinese fortune tellers. I Ching Divination is a reliable tool for many trivial daily matters such as finding a lost item or checking health problem, to making big business decisions in investment, changing job, or choosing a career, etc. Master Ayuka Kaorumoto will demonstrate with examples of this fascinating skill and will also explain relationship between I Ching and numerology.

Q&A Discussion Panel
Mentored by GM Raymond Lo

Day 2 – Sunday, 7 November 2021

0001 - 2359

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1000 – 1050

Welcome message, Introduction and housekeeping notes by Emcees

Master Janene Laird
Using the Right Feng Shui Method in the Right Place

At its simplest, Feng Shui can be characterised as a set of methods designed to attract and promote sheng qi (good energy) within a dwelling for the benefit of its occupants. To achieve this outcome a skilled consultant must not only call upon various techniques within the scope of traditional Feng Shui practice, but also understand what each measures and when or where to use them. In this joint presentation, IFSA Masters Janene Laird will showcase some of the most widely used San He and San Yuen methods commonly utilised in an external and internal Feng Shui assessment.

1100 – 1300
Feng Shui, Health & You
Master Adriel Trinidad
Financial Health in Changing Economic Climate of COVID-19

Maintaining a continuing source of income during this COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging, but with Flying Stars Feng Shui, financial health can still be assured with some adjustments. Through the sharing of both his personal and clients’ experiences, Master Adriel Trinidad will illustrate how a small change in utilizing the prosperity directions would shift one from loss of income to making money, and how understanding the energies circulating within a home through Flying Stars Feng Shui is vital to helping one recover from illness now that most are staying home 24/7.

Master Rikako Fujiki
Flying Star Feng Shui & Health

Flying Star Feng Shui is used to promote prosperity and health of residents. For prosperity, the auspicious Water Star, and for good health, the auspicious Mountain Star are both required to fly in the appropriate locations. As good sleep is necessary for a healthy life, it is therefore desirable for one to sleep in a bedroom with flying auspicious Mountain Stars. On the contrary, sleeping in a bedroom with inauspicious Mountain Stars is bad for health. Flying Star 2 especially has an energy that invites illness, it is therefore important to pay attention to the direction of how Year Star 2 is moving every year, as well as luck of the residents at those times. Through several case studies, Master Rikako Fujiki will explain the relationship between health and Flying Star Feng Shui.

Master S.BS. Surendran
Enduring Wellness

Often taken for granted, physical and mental health now gained a new perspective as the world endures pandemic. While good health paves way for all prospects, achieving good health through harmonizing place of dwelling has gained significance in recent times. “Vastu Vidya” (building science), is an ancient metaphysics from India focusing on health and prosperity though building design, similar to oriental metaphysics, which also emphasises on good health through surroundings, living space, understanding one’s inner self. Master S.BS. Surendran will share his insights of the ancient science of Vastu, the impact on wellness and simple remedies. He will touch upon how oriental metaphysics influencing health, the effects of modern-day electromagnetic fields and manifestation of diseases through radiations. The presentation will then conclude with an overview of Indian Astrology, I-Ching hexagram for 2022 and Flying Star feng shui with significant cures used to counter annual afflictions in the year 2022.

Q&A Discussion Panel
1300 - 1345
Lunch Break
1345 - 1430
Mr Lee Chee Chiang
The gateway to prosperity via Bazi Realization

What is Bazi Realization and how does the understanding of it provide a gateway to prosperity? Through his presentation, Mr Lee Chee Chiang will bring forth and introduce the Spirit element Bazi and what it can do in helping one to attain prosperity in life. Mr Lee Chee Chiang will also share his general forecast of the Ren Ying (Water Tiger Year 2022), how you can tap into the auspicious energy in 2022 through your existing Bazi energy, and what Bazi Realization can help you along the way during your luck cycle.

1440 - 1525
Master Dr Sabine Kullak &
Master Goh Guan Leong
Finding Happiness

What is Happiness? Money, career, social status, health or a long, stable marriage? Happiness has many different facets and different people view it differently – especially when we move between the East and the West, or ask for the views between men and women! Definition aside, the most important aspect people concern with Happiness is how to attain it, since attaining Happiness is a global pursuit. In this sharing session, Master Goh Guan Leong and Master Dr Sabine Kullak will explore the meaning of Happiness from the perspectives of East and West, men and women, and their respective emphasises. As Happiness is dynamic and variable and changes over time, they will also explore the aspects of Happiness in Feng Shui Period 9 (2024-2043), and help to answer the question of “How to attain Happiness?” using theory of Four Pillars of Destiny. Being Happy never goes out of style, let’s explore and attain it!

1535 - 1620
GM Dr Stephen Skinner
Using the Feng Shui Luopan

The feng shui luopan is the main instrument of feng shui, being at the heart of calculations made to improve good fortune and prosperity. The rings of a Zong He, or ‘mixed dish’ luopan contain many of the main formulas used in both San He and San Yuan feng shui. It is effectively a summary of Chinese metaphysics, or a ‘Universe on a plate.’ This talk will cover the different types of luopan, how they are structured into different Plates, and how they are used.

1630 – 1800
Panel Discussions
Good Fortune & Prosperity

GM Tan Khoon Yong
GM Raymond Lo
GM Vincent Koh
GM Dr Stephen Skinner


Master Janene Laird

Closing Session by IFSA President
Closing Of IFSC 2021