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IFSC 2018 Sub-Committee for Programming IFSC 2018 プログラムのための小委員会

Chair  議長:

GM Raymond Lo  グランドマスター・レイモンド・ロー

Vice-Chair  副議長:

GM Vincent Koh  グランドマスター・ヴィンセント・コー

~Correct as at 13 November 2018~

IFSC 2018 Programme プログラム

Ancient Science vs Future Science

Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organises knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. In this respect, Feng Shui is very much a subject of science. The ancient Chinese people have developed a system of knowledge to understand the environment with such rigour, that when you apply the same Feng Shui theories to the same situation, you arrive at the same result. A lot of modern scientific developments have their foundation rooted in ancient metaphysical theories. Take for example the binary digit code, which is the basis of modern computer science, can be traced to the eight I Ching Trigrams that dates back to 4500 BC. The modern practice of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture is also based on the ancient knowledge of five elements. There are still many ancient theories in Feng Shui which modern science has not yet been able to explain, but sooner or later, it will progress to fully appreciate and apply the wisdom of Feng Shui’s ancient knowledge.

IFSC 2018 Pre-Convention Courses (Optional)


30 November 2018

Convention Venue:

Okayama International Center

700-0026 Okayama Prefecture, Okayama, Kita, Hokancho, 2 Chome−2−1, Japan
Room No. 2 & 3, Level 5

Day 0 - 30th Nov 2018




Course 1

Health Is Wealth – A Guide To Your Bazi, Health & Body Meridians (Module 2) “通则不痛、痛则不通”

Master Goh Guan Leong, Way Fengshui Group, Singapore
With co-trainer: Master Kazue Suzuki , A-Ray Style Chu Shin Qigong, Japan
This is a continuation of last year’s ‘A Guide to your Bazi & Health (Module 1)’ course. Suited for participants of any proficiency level, this module will focus on Bazi and Health, present an easy-to-apply approach, as well as explore how Meridians (经络) - channels which ‘transport’ life energy (commonly known as Qi [气]) throughout our body - can be used to treat and diagnose conditions.
Discover how the appearance of facial features, limbs and even fingernails can indicate the health of one’s organs and overall well-being. Learn the secrets of combining these methods with Bazi, to significantly improve the depth of your health analysis.
Practical simple & useful health techniques will also be taught to ‘unlock’ negative energies and absorb positive vibes. Participants will also learn tips on improving blood circulation and general state of health.

Course 2

San He Feng Shui Part 2 (2019)

Master Yap Boh Chu, Yap Cheng Hai Academy Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
The concept of San He Feng Shui is about achieving harmony among the Dragon, Water and Mountain. The Dragon is the source of good Qi, Water is the medium to control the Qi and the sitting Mountain (or facing direction) is the essence that taps onto this auspicious formation. Being environmentally based, San He Feng Shui is less prone to time changes as compared to Xuan Gong methods, resulting in longer lasting effects. This course sequel will cover Tan Lang 9 Stars, including transformation of the lesser wandering year, and transformation of the assistant star. Focus will be given to definitions of the 9 stars, derivation of each Gua, as well as the 5 elements of each star. Discussions will also cover how this method can be used to qualify mountains, determine quality matches between the mountain and the star, as well as qualify water bodies and water entry and exit points. Finally, learn how both these transformation techniques come together in practice through the illustration of case studies and usage of examples.
Fees for both Course 1 & 2: SGD400 per person (Pre Course)
To Register, please send email to ifsc@ttgasia.com with your NAME, GENDER, COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE, EMAIL ADDRESS AND MOBILE NUMBERS.



1 & 2 December 2018

Convention Venue:

Okayama Convention Center

700-0024, 14-1 Ekimoto-machi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama, Japan

Day 1 - 1st Dec 2018


Registration & Networking over Coffee/Tea


Opening Session

- Opening Speech by IFSA President - Mr Darren Ng
- Award of certificate - IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Master
- Award of certificate - IFSA Country Chapters
- Opening Ceremony – Ribbon Cutting


The Remarkable Science Of Ancient Feng Shui

Mr Kiitsu Yamamichi
Ancient science is the foundation of many of today’s modern scientific civilization developments. Did you know that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz invented the binary system by drawing inspiration from I-Ching? Similarly, the golden ratio of the Western Renaissance era, heralded to be the ideal proportion in aesthetics, was discovered from the research of ancient ruins. Explore the amazing secrets of ancient science and what answers it holds for the future.


The Health Science Of Four Pillars Of Destiny

GM Raymond Lo
According to the science of traditional Chinese medicine, good health stems from a balance of elements while imbalance causes sickness. Four Pillars of Destiny mirrors this approach. A person’s birthday reveals the composition of elements in their body and insights into potential future health problems. With this knowledge, early preventive measures are key to health protection. In this session, drill into the elemental causes of various illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and learn effective preventive measures, which integrate Four Pillars of Destiny with modern nutritional science, to mitigate them.


Exploring, Interpreting And Improving Mankind’s Ancient Wisdom Through Modern Technology

Master Goh Guan Leong
Unlike the olden days where years of exploration and hardships are inevitable prerequisites to the discovery of Feng Shui secrets, the search for information today is achievable in a matter of minutes, thanks to technology advancements. Explore what “Global Landform Fengshui” is about through the use of cybertechnology and a combination of Science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology and Fengshui concepts. This session will also shine the spotlight on Japan, using “Landform Fengshui” to analyse the country’s cultural richness, the longevity and livelihood of its people. As a bonus, a symbolic gift reminisce of host country Japan awaits all participants!


Lunch Break


Modern Architecture Environment and Feng Shui Interior Technique

Prof Kim Ki-Beom
It presents a methodology for using Feng shui interior techniques in human living space. Today, architecture is being built to human's convenient and better life. It is being built as a way to pursue an affluent life. And even if it is already built, it looks for ways to use it in a given environment. In my course, I analyze and learn the difference between modern architecture and Hanok(Korean style house), and make it possible to conceive suitable architectural environment by combining convenient living and interior techniques. It also introduces ways of raising one's mind(Qi, chi) by arranging items or interior accessories in the right places.


Combining Landform, Compass And Flying Star Into Our Urban Living Spaces: A Case Study

Master Janene Laird
As our population demographic continues to shift towards an urban environment, the need for high-density family dwellings grows in tandem. In response, the design of external communal leisure areas which support and connect with private living spaces is even more important today to create an integrated residential oasis that enhances human harmony and stimulates the wealth and career potential of its occupants. To illustrate, the case study will examine a medium density townhouse in Singapore which cleverly combines the ancient schools of Landform, Compass and Flying Star Feng Shui into a modern solution for our future way of living.


Coffee/Tea Break


Common Problems and Doubts In Using Old Science In New Times

Grand Master Vincent Koh
Panel Discussion:
Grand Master Stephen Skinner
Master Jacek Kryg
Mr Kiitsu Yamamichi


Day 2 - 2nd Dec 2018


Registration & Networking over Coffee/Tea


Ancient Wisdom, Feng Shui Precision & Destiny

Mr Hitoshi Kawamoto
Feng Shui and Destiny offer an enormous amount of data, ancient knowledge and skills which have been accumulated over time. They are still used by modern society in building design, life direction analysis, and forecasting techniques. It is without doubt that this ancient wisdom will continue to prevail through generations to come. Demonstrated examples will include daily events from Form school, 3 periods and 9 ages 三元九運 system, 2 periods and 8 ages 二元八運 system, 10 Heavenly stems and 12 Earthly Branches system.

Navigating Modern Careers With Ba Zi Suan Ming

Master Sabine Kullak
Ba Zi Suan Ming, also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, is a system that can ascertain a person’s personality and potential, as well as their favorable and less favorable periods based on birth data, with fascinating accuracy and effectiveness. Rooted in ancient Chinese cosmology, its applicability in modern life includes navigating career and business challenges as well as empowerment in all aspects of life and work.


Is Feng Shui Relevant To Modern Society?

Master Yap Boh Chu
Since its origins some 2000 years ago in China, Feng Shui has weathered multiple adaptions, variations and criticisms of its efficacy. Contrary to popular belief, modern science has in fact aided the credibility of Feng Shui by rationalising the cause and effects achieved through its practice. Furthermore, the ancient values that Feng Shui embodies are still very much a part of modern society. Join the conversation here as we uncover why and how Feng Shui will continue to be relevant for the future.

The Future Of The Living Space

Master Cristina Groza
For centuries, people have sought to optimise their living spaces, looking to architectural, energy and technological experts for solutions. Practitioners believe that Feng Shui is the ultimate all-in-one tool in this pursuit. The compass, invented by the Yellow Emperor 6000 years ago, is still used today, albeit in an improved form. Similarly, how do Feng Shui’s ancient values hold up in present times? Is there room for improvement or is its age-old wisdom as relevant as ever? Come find out if Feng Shui remains a symbol of the past or if it holds the answer to future living.


Evolving Feng Shui Practice

Master SB Surendran
For years, practitioners have married different fields of study to heighten the accuracy and outcomes of their analysis. Astrology for example, has been incorporated with Four Pillars, I Ching, and ZWDS to better understand the influence of stellar and cosmic energies. Beyond Feng Shui, some schools of thought purport that thermal radiation, sick building syndrome, microwave effects, EMI fields and other man-made energies have considerable influence on the well-being of occupants in a home. Embark on this journey of Feng Shui evolution and present day adaptation. Find out how to achieve a harmonious space and counter afflictions by using Feng Shui alongside modern science as this session also shares a case study that integrates various practices.

The Date When We Get A Chance

Master Rikako Fujiki
The human race has since the beginning of time, attempted to define the secret to happiness. Some say it is about having the perpetuity of good luck which may be honed with the mind's subconscious power. Others claim the effectiveness of positive affirmation recitals. Ancient Chinese sages acknowledge the Nobleman in our birth chart, a guardian angel-like figure who protects from danger and makes dreams come true. Peach Blossom Luck has also been attributed as the bearer of beauty and charm. The answers we seek are found in the year, month, day and time of our birth. Hear real-life cases of how celebrities achieved their fame with assistance from the Nobleman and Peach Blossom Luck.


Lunch Break


The Qi of the Greens: Feng Shui of Gardens

Master Anita Zou
Gardens and courtyards have long played vital roles in defining architectural styles and energy of dwellings. According to Feng Shui principles, gardens enhance the quality of incoming "Qi" (energy) and landform structures of the house. This session will explore the various styles of east and west gardens throughout the century, in particular, how the classic gardens of European palaces compare to the Chinese and Japanese imperial gardens. Learn the Feng Shui principles and implications of using courtyards and other open elements in a house’s design to improve the flow of its Qi and the well-being of its occupants.

Kan Yu Date Selection - An Investigation Of The Shi Pan And Its Use In Auspicious Timing

Master Tyler Rowe
The Shì Pán (栻盤) or Divination Plate is one of the oldest devices used in Feng Shui. With few references made in classic literature, information on its function is obscure, and opinions on its application varied. Considered to be a forerunner of the Luo Pan compass, the Shi Pan was an astronomical instrument used to measure time rather than space. The method was known as Kān Yú (堪輿) or ‘Canopy and Chariot’ after the structure of the tool – a circular heaven plate (the Canopy) over a square earth base (the Chariot). As such, the technique is thought to be the basis of all date selection and auspicious timing systems that followed. Come investigate the history, construction, influence and use of the Shi Pan, as we draw reference to ancient textual evidence and modern practical potential.


Ancient Knowledge in Modern Times

Mr Adriel Jose-Angelo Trinidad
Science and technology are advancing at an amazing pace, leading to new innovations that literally put a plethora of information at our fingertips. Our lives are made easier because of it. Everything is so convenient with mobile apps that answer virtually any need, including looking for a partner. Find out how important and relevant I-Ching, Four Pillars of Destiny and Feng Shui still are in this high-tech society, and the role they play. Learn from both personal and client experiences and discover how this ancient knowledge can be accurately applied to travel, health, romantic relationships.

Feng Shui, Bazi, And I Ching: Ancient Wisdom For A Happy And Healthy Life In The 21st Century

Master Jen Stone
The three ancient disciplines of Flying Star Feng Shui, Bazi, and I Ching, when used together, can effectively and positively enrich all aspects of life, regardless of time and cultural belief. Through sample case studies, find out how to achieve a happy and healthy life. This session will also shed light on why the West often misses the "big picture", contributing to confusion and misperceptions of Feng Shui.


Coffee/Tea Break


How IFSA Can Lead & Promote The Practice Of Feng Shui Around The World

Grand Master Vincent Koh
Panel Discussion:
Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
Grand Master Raymond Lo
Mr Hitoshi Kawamoto


Closing Speech

- Closing Speech by IFSA President
- Award of Certificate of Appreciation to Speakers
- Closing of IFSC 2018

IFSC 2018 Gala Dinner

For Registered Delegates With Gala Dinner Tickets


2 December 2018

Convention Venue:

魚松味ビル市場 Uomatsu Restaurant

700-0903 Okayama-ken, Okayama-shi, Kita-ku, Saiwaichō, 4−11 味ビル, Japan

Gala Dinner


Gala Dinner – Izakaya Style Dinner, Drinks, Dance, Karaoke and more!


IFSC 2018 Post-Show Tour (Self Paying Optional Tour)


3, 4-6 December 2018

Post Tours

3 Dec 2018

1-Day Okayama Tour

4-6 Dec 2018

3 Days 2 Nights Tottori Tour