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~Correct as at 05 November 2018~

Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
Way FengShui Group, Singapore
Born in Singapore, Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong inherited his forefathers’ expertise at the early age of 30 and established Way Chinese Geomancy Centre (currently known as Way Fengshui Group) in 1984. A veteran of geomancy studies, he has been providing excellent Feng Shui Read More..

Grand Master Raymond Lo
Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny, Hong Kong
Grand Master Lo, popularly known as "Fung Shui Lo", is a graduate in Social Sciences from the University of Hong Kong. His quest for the truth led him to study Chinese metaphysics. Read More..
Grand Master Vincent Koh
Singapore Feng Shui Centre (SFSC), Singapore
Grand Master Vincent Koh developed an interest in Feng Shui during his long successful career in the building industry since 1967. Over time, many of his clients began to seek his advice on Feng Shui audit. After many years Read More..
Grand Master Dr Stephen Skinner
Golden Hoard, Singapore
Grand Master Skinner wrote the first English book on feng shui in the 20th century, the Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui. This book first brought Feng Shui to the attention of the Western world. In 1998 he launched the Feng Shui for Modern Living monthly magazine. Its first issue sold 121,000 copies, Read More..
Master Anita Zou
Kojin Design, Indonesia
Master Anita Zou’s interest in Feng Shui began since her university research days. A graduate from the Melbourne University of Australia in Architecture, her aim is to combine Feng Shui and design tastefully. She believes that Feng Shui Read More..
Mr Adriel Jose-Angelo Trinidad
Lightcatchers Crystals, Philippines
Adriel Jose-Angelo Trinidad completed his Feng Shui studies and training in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong under internationally acclaimed Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo. Read More..
Master Cristina Groza
Feng Shui Concept by Master Cristina Groza
A science complementary to architecture – that is how Master Cristina Groza, an architect by training and Feng Shui specialist, approaches the field of Feng Shui. As a graduate who majored in interior and furniture design in Mincu Architectural Institute, Read More..
Master Goh Guan Leong
Way Fengshui Group, Singapore
Having great interest in Chinese Metaphysics, Master Goh Guan Leong endeavours to learn and discover this mystical field of study. In 2003, he sought guidance from his mentor, Master Chew Keat Leng, enabling him to realise his potential in Read More..
Mr Hitoshi Kawamoto
Green Dragon Feng-Shui Interior, Japan
As President of an interior design company, Mr Hitoshi Kawamoto’s interest in Feng Shui began with the aim of creating spaces for his clients that followed Feng Shui principles and reaped its benefits.  In 2006, he began his Feng Shui journey after attending a course taught by GM Raymond Lo in Hong Kong, Read More..
Master Jacek Kryg
School Without Borders, Poland
Polish born Master Jacek Kryg specialised in Chinese culture during university, and wrote his MA and postgraduate thesis on "Yijing and Its Reflection of Chinese Society” and “Contemporary Perception of Daoism” respectively. He is credited as a pioneer in educating the general public Read More..
Master Janene Laird
Shenchi, Melbourne, Australia
Master Janene Laird is the principle consultant and founder of Shenchi, an Australian based professional Feng Shui consultancy. She comes from a background in education and combines a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Teaching with nearly two decades of study, Read More..
Master Jen Stone
Feng Shui by Jen, Scottsdale, USA
A native of Hong Kong, Master Jen Stone is an international Feng Shui consultant, author, and representative of the renowned GM Raymond Lo. She also conducts formal training programmes for his school, the Raymond Lo School of Read More..
Mr Kiitsu Yamamichi
Five Arts Co., Ltd, Japan
Mr. Yamamichi was born in a family with profound knowledge of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics, and has learned them since childhood. He is a graduate of the Department of Indian Philosophy, Read More..
Prof Kim Ki-Beom
Association/Society of Korean Real Estate Feng Shui
Professor Kim Ki-Beom, whose Feng Shui journey started in 1980, established the Korean Feng Shui Association in 2007 where he currently holds the position of central governor. He is also serving several organisations Read More..
Master Rikako Fujiki
Seijunsha, Japan
It was Master Rikako Fujiki’s rich overseas career that piqued her interest in the relationship between someone’s destiny and his surrounding environments. In the course of those experiences, she became attracted Read More..
Master Dr Sabine Kullak
Self Element Ltd, Germany
Dr. Sabine Kullak is an accredited Master of Feng Shui by IFSA Singapore. During her six years of living in China, she studied Feng Shui, Ba Zi Suan Ming and I Ching with Grand Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong, and has embraced their Read More..
Master SB Surendran
Feng Shui Server, India
S.BS.SURENDRAN an Accredited Feng Shui Master, Vaastu Expert and a Bio energetician has been a practicing consultant and trainer for over 18 years. Qualified Electrical Engineer, Associate Member of the Institution of Read More..
Master Tyler J Rowe
Institute of Classical Feng Shui (ICFS), Australia
Tyler J Rowe is a classically trained Chinese Herbalist, Acupuncturist and Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine with the Institute of Classics of East Asian Medicine. He is an International Wushu Federation Read More..
Master Yap Boh Chu
Yap Cheng Hai Academy Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Master Yap Boh Chu graduated from the Swinburne Institute of Technology (now Swinburne University), Australia, with double majors in Information Technology and Accounting. Though he devoted his earlier working life in the IT industry, Read More..