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The Importance of Timing in Chinese Metaphysics – Focus on Period 9

Timing is an important aspect of Chinese Metaphysics and is present in all 5 Branches. It is used in healing, understanding Life Destiny, planning important events and assessing the effect of Time on the intrinsic energies of a site.

In the practice of Feng Shui, three main factors should always be considered – Location, Direction and Time.  These are extremely important in order to achieve effective outcomes and avoid detrimental repercussions.

This year at IFSC 2023, we’ll focus on how Time and Timing are treated in the various Branches of Chinese Metaphysics.  This is especially significant due to the current change over from Period 8 to Period 9 in the Xuan Gong system of Feng Shui, which represents a momentous shift in fundamental global energies.  As such we seek to shed light on what might be expected from this transition and how Timing should be used to ensure a better practice of Chinese Metaphysics for everyone.

Convention Programme

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19th Annual International Feng Shui Convention 2023

The Importance of Timing in Chinese Metaphysics – Focus on Period 9
10-14 November 2023

GM Raymond Lo & Senior Master Yap Boh Chu

Master Janene Laird & Master Cristina Groza

Day 0 – Pre-Convention Class – Friday, 10 November 2023
09:00 16:00 By Master Cristina Groza

Unleash Your Potential: Developing The Skills Of A Feng Shui Master

Encompassing a set of dynamic syllabus, this class is tailored specifically for flying stars students who aspire to become feng shui Master or to elevate their Feng Shui skills. 

Through the practical session, you will gain both knowledge and tools necessary to read, draw, customize Feng Shui plans, and understanding of the intricate connection between space, energy, and human well-being.   You will have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of five elements and discover their profound influence in Feng Shui. 

 With extensive architecture training background, Master Cristina Groza will share her expertise on how to effectively incorporate feng shui elements with interior design, provide her unique insights on the integration of Feng Shui principles into architectural spaces and creating harmonious environments that promote balance and prosperity.

Don’t miss this enlightening session, prepare to embark on a transformative journey that combines ancient wisdom with contemporary architectural solutions.  Let Master Cristina Groza empower you in your quest to becoming a true master in the art of Feng Shui.

18:30 19:30 IFSA Annual General Meeting (IFSA Members Only)
Day 1 – Saturday, 11 November 2023
09:00 10:00 Registration and Arrival, Coffee and Networking
10:00 10:30 Opening Session
Opening Speech by IFSA President
Award of Certificate – IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Masters <TBC>
Award of Chapter Foundation Certificate – <TBC>
Opening Ceremony – Ribbon Cutting
10:30 11:15 Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speech



11:15 12:00 <TBC> <Title>


12:00 13:15 Lunch Break
13:15 14:00 <TBC> <Title>


14:20 14:45 <TBC> <Title>


14:45 15:30 GM Raymond Lo Age of 9 Good House Design

Transiting into “Age of 9”, what kind of house design will be most suitable and what aspects we need to pay special attention? GM Raymond Lo will explore the unique features of “Age of 9” buildings flying star charts and point out its drawbacks and how to overcome such short-comings to enhance harmony and prosperity. To improve on the “Age of 9” house design we can engage other theories and techniques such as “Castle Gate” “Seven Star Robbery” and “5 Ghost transports Wealth”…etc. What are the prosperous locations and better facing directions and how to engage the abovementioned skills will be explained.

15:30 16:00 Coffee / Tea Break
16:00 16:30 <TBC> <TBC>


16:30 17:00 <TBC> <Title>


End of Day 1
Day 2 – Sunday, 12 November 2023
09:00 09:45 Master Goh Guan Leong It’s About the Changes, Period 9

“It’s the economy, stupid” was the winning mantra for Bill Clinton in his successful run for the White House in 1992.  This campaign phrase created a long-rooted impact as it was pointed to the Central Theme. So, what is the Central Theme for Period 9?  It’s about the changes & unpredictability.  In this session, Master Goh Guan Leong will explore the Essence of Changes (三易) – While things change constantly (变易), the changes are predictable (不易) and it will become even simpler (简易) once we identified the patterns.  He will share with us the predictable pattern of Period 9 and its impact on our health.  What would the possible area of health concerns be?  Will there be another ‘pandemic’ just like Covid-19 pandemic in the future?  Master Goh will answer these questions during his speech. (146)

09:45 10:30 Master SBS SurendrMan Time is The Healer

Earth rotates, traverses elliptical orbit and in turn exposed to the Astro planetary influences. This has an impact on the life force energy on earth, referred to as “chi” in Oriental metaphysics, “Shakthi” or “Prana” in Indian building science “Vaastu” and Vedic astrology.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but transforms from one form to another such as Day to night. Timely corrective intervention to energy changes helps building occupants connect with energies from the cosmos, Feng Shui “Flying Stars” influences and Astrological imbalances.  As we traverse from period 8 to “Period 9” in Fengshui, it is recommended to activate the “timely” stars and counter ill effects of bad stars.  Let Master Surendran take you through an insight on time and energy influence on humankind, biorhythm of human life, Fengshui timing synonymous with Vedic Vaastu practices, and more.  (139)

10:30 10:45 Coffee / Tea Break
10:45 11:30 Dr Jin Peh Analysing Bazi Charts of Prominent Women in Preparation for Period Nine

As period nine is shaping up to be a time for women to achieve success and prominence, Dr Jin Peh will examine the Bazi charts of women who are at the forefront of their industry, introducing and applying the flow method of Bazi chart interpretation through this talk.  In addition, Dr Jin Peh will consider personal relationships of these women by analysing compatibility with their partners.  Through Dr Jin Peh’s sharing, you will get a better understanding of different techniques that can be used to interpret Bazi charts that allows you to apply them in your daily life. (98)

11:30 12:15 Master Tim Chua Drivers of Period 9 Economy: Case Study of Singapore Macroeconomic Policies

The purpose of this topic is to analyse the successful contributions of Singapore to the international economic system since independence, based on Chinese metaphysics. Master Tim Chua will reveals his insight into related trends and patterns and discuss how Singapore, named one of the four Asian Dragons (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong), benefited from being in the right place, at the right time, and focusing on the right things, from period 6 up until now. Moving forward, again based on Chinese metaphysics, Master Chua will discuss what she should focus on so that it will benefit the economy and help boost the country’s growth for the next 20 years in period 9.

12:15 13:15 Lunch Break
13:15 14:00 Master Ray Goh Timing: Destiny Vs Yin Feng Shui Vs Human Factor


Are there differences for Grave and Yang Feng Shui in Period 8 vs Period 9? Why is year 2024 not Period 9? Are a strong Luan Tou 峦头 and an in-timing dragon 的地龍 different? These are questions being asked amid the recent hypes in feng shui industry on period eight vs nine formations.  In terms of Geomancy vs Timing vs Luck, many are puzzled over each faction’s superiority.  Do the systems of Ziweibazi 紫薇八字, Qimendunjia 奇门遁甲, Divination卜, Grave 阴宅 and Yang Feng Shui 阳宅风水 come to terms in Timing Utilization 择日? In the study of Cultivation, Medical, Destiny, Forms and Divination 山医命相卜, are there differences in timing factor? Master Ray Goh will present the answers of these questions and more.

14:00 14:45 Mr Edgar Lok Tin Yung Right Time, Right Place & The Right Person

There is an English saying: “The right person at the right place at the right time”, coincidentally Chinese language has a similar phrase: “天時(Heaven), 地利(Earth), 人和(Man)”.  Feng Shui implementations are utilising time and space to help someone, with correct Feng Shui techniques and settings, it is possible to find out: When – the time, Where – the Space and Who – the person that the setting can bring benefits upon.  天玉經 (Heaven Jade Classical) Feng Shui text mentioned about the importance of timing -“但看太歲是何神… 三合年中是”, which translates to “look at the Tai Sui and check out the time”.  Referencing to the wisdom within ancient classical Feng Shui texts like this one, Speaker Edgar Yung will share with you ways of traditional Feng Shui to predicate. (148)

14:00 15:00 Coffee / Tea Break
15:00 15:45 GM Tan Khoon Yong Unveiling The 2024 Global Outlook

Through this thrilling keynote, you will learn how the world is going to change in 2024.  The founder of Way Fengshui Group, Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong will shares his insights on the world’s economy, social-political and key politicians’ potential impact in 2024 through bazi and fengshui analysis.  Supplemented by prominent case studies to demonstrate the accuracy of Chinese metaphysics in terms of global issues, you will be equipped with a new perspective when the time comes for you to navigate and prosper amidst the new challenges of Period 9.

15:45 17:00 Panel Discussions

The Importance of Timing in Chinese Metaphysics – Focus on Period 9


GM Tan Khoon Yong      GM Raymond Lo             GM Dr Stephen Skinner

Senior Master Yap          Master Jacek Kryg

17:00 17:30 Closing Session by IFSA President

Award Certificate of Appreciation to Speakers

Closing of IFSC 2023

19:30 23:00 Gala Dinner – Dinner, entertainment and more
End of Day 2
Day 3 & 4 – Post-Convention Tour – Monday & Tuesday, 13 & 14 November 2023
09:30 17:00 Day 1: 13 November 2023
By Senior Master Yap Boh Chu
The first day of our Feng Shui tour will be spent in Kuala Lumpur when we’ll firstly take a look at the site where the Gombak and Klang Rivers meet.  In Landform Feng Shui a river confluence such as this is very important as it is considered as the water entry, water exit or nexus of qi. Following this we’ll explore the Chinatown area of Kuala Lumpur and visit two of the oldest Taoist Temples (Guan Di Temple and Sin Sze Si Ya Temple), plus a Chinese clan Association Hall, all of which are built using traditional Chinese architecture with Feng Shui relevance.

Day 2: 14 November 2023
By Senior Master Yap Boh Chu
In Feng Shui, the Dragon normally refers to the mountain ranges. Hence to walk the Dragon is to walk the Mountains. Therefore on Day 2 of our Feng Shui tour what we want to do when we ‘Walk the Dragon’ is to understand the flow of qi that gives rise to the Dragon. This then informs us of both the quality and quantity of qi that is in an area directly affected by the Dragon. In both Yin and Yang Feng Shui, understanding the Dragon is the key to a good site, especially for Yin Feng Shui.  Why walk the Dragon at Nirvana?  Walking a Dragon is often difficult because of heavy forest growth. In Nirvana, the whole area is more easily viewed and allows us to closely examine some locations, so as to focus on more minute details of the Feng Shui.

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