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Chinese Metaphysics & The Metaverse

The auspicious 18th International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) has adopted the theme of “Chinese Metaphysics & the Metaverse”, which presents a timely opportunity for Feng Shui communities to explore the growing importance of social media connection, the increasing integration between virtual and physical spaces, and the shift in world energies, generated by an approaching new Feng Shui age.

As we look towards Period 9 amid an emerging multi-dimensional ‘Metaverse’ where digital and real worlds converge, we can be confident that the traditional metaphysical practices, which are built on solid foundations, nourishing relationships between Grand Master, Master and student will effectively create cohesive links between the past, present and the future.

IFSC 2022 – Convention Programme

18th Annual International Feng Shui Convention 2022

Chinese Metaphysics & The Metaverse
4-7 November 2022

GM Raymond Lo & Master Yap Boh Chu

Master Janene Laird & Master Vijayal Sunassee

Day 0 – Pre-Convention Class – Friday, 4 November 2022
10:00 16:00 By GM Dr Stephen Skinner/Master Janene Laird

Finding Your Way Around The Luopan – with GM Dr Stephen Skinner

There are many different luopans in the marketplace today, with each master including his favourite rings, formulae or School. It is the prime instrument of all professional consultants and masters. All good luopans use the Earth’s magnetic field and precise astronomical data to determine the alignments and timings which are at the heart of feng shui, but some of these rings still use old data recorded in 960 or 1644 CE.  The Golden Hoard Zong He luopan, designed by GM Dr Stephen Skinner and Dr. Jin Peh, have updated these rings to the current period and for ease of use included a Luopan Handbook providing a detailed ring-by-ring description.  This 1 day pre-IFSC class aims to take you from the history of the luopan through to an explanation of what each ring on the Golden Hoard luopan does and how to use it. This class will be hosted by Master Janene Laird with GM Dr. Stephen Skinner teaching via pre-recorded power point videos and a live zoom session.

18:30 19:30 IFSA AGM (IFSA Members Only)
Day 1 – Saturday, 5 November 2022
09:00 10:00 Registration and Arrival, Coffee and Networking
10:00 10:30 Opening Session
Opening Speech by IFSA President
Award of Certificate – IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Masters
Award of Chapter Foundation Certificate – IFSA UK Chapter
Opening Ceremony – Ribbon Cutting
10:30 11:15 Keynote Speaker
Speaker Mark Tan
Keynote Speech

Moving Fengshui to the Age of the Metaverse

As the notion of moving lives to the metaverse gains popularity and becomes more plausible with every technological breakthrough, the need to shift the practice of fengshui into the virtual space feels more urgent by the day. Coinciding with the change of period (transitioning from Period 8 to Period 9), how will the change in luck cycle impact our industry? Is our practice and business ready for a world that magnetic fields, mountains, rivers and even birth charts become a concept so fluid that we can invent anything with a line of codes? How can we prepare ourselves for this seismic change and thrive in Period 9?  Speaker Mark Tan, CEO of Way Fengshui Group, attempts to answer these questions and shares ideas of how he is preparing for an age of technology, possibilities and excitement in this keynote speech.

11:15 12:00 Master Yap Boh Chu Feng Shui and the Metaverse

What is the Metaverse? At the moment, there is no clear definition of the Metaverse. Some of the descriptions range from video games to perpetual virtual worlds to hybrid environments that overlays virtual information over the physical world. The common concept of the Metaverse is a virtual environment that can be interacted in be it via virtual reality or augmented reality. Based on these common understandings of the Meterverse, Master Yap Boh Chu will seek to answer questions such as ‘Is Feng Shui applicable in the Metaverse?’ and ‘Can the Metaverse be used as aid in applying Feng Shui in the real world?’

12:00 12:45 Master Goh Guan Leong Feng Shui: The Metaverse Way

Fengshui is an ancient tradition developed over 3000 years ago to help us study the environment and how it impacts the occupants, with harmony and unity as its goal. So far, fengshui masters had to be at sites physically to conduct fengshui audit. With emergence of technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G Networks, and Edge Computing, the Metaverse demonstrated its ability to converge our physical and digital identities to certain point, but are we able to use our digital identities in an interactive manner to enhance or even replace the traditional physical fengshui site audits? Join Master Goh to explore how the Metaverse will shape our future.  Interested in more of such events?  Let Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong and Master Goh Guan Leong lead you on The 2022 Mystical Dragon Fengshui Tour, as they explore Singapore’s Western Dragon (Labrador Park, Mount Faber and Marina One). Both Masters will examine the traditional fengshui theory ‘The Five Geographies’ (Dragon , Acupoint , Sand , Water , and Direction ), and whether it can be replaced by technological advancements. 

12:45 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 14:30 Master Ray Goh Feng Shui Qi & Ziwei Bazi (紫微八字) Changes In The Metaverse Era

We have been reading a lot about the upcoming digital era in the past decades.  Is “High Tech Feng Shui” a reality or a fad term? Do you know the impact of such association and changes onto the Metaphysics, Feng Shui, Divination, and Ziwei Bazi Destiny system?  Will the transformation affect the accuracy and practices?  With the emergence of cloud, AI, NFT, Genomics, and blockchain, can these innovations, digital gadgets and equipment replace the traditional tools and consultatio? Can environmental energy or land Qi change, what affects it, and what can be done? Can the theory and methods founded more than 1000 years ago be applicable in this millennium of quantum exponential age?  By knowing this, we can then understand the principle of “Destiny decodes our path; we determine our rides to sync the fate of Heaven, Man, and Earth”!

14:30 15:00 Master Albert Yeung Art & Culture in Period 9

The pandemic has undoubtedly called for major changes in all our lives.  So how do we adapt to such a shift in universal energy?  Perhaps one way is to remain faithful to those traditional practices which allow us to look inwards in order to create and modulate a lifestyle better suited for Period 9.  Four Pillars of Destiny, Feng Shui, Science and Technology can all still play an important role in our lives, as we transition from Period 8 to Period 9.  From a Feng Shui perspective and our understanding of the intrinsic life force of the universe, we must explore new modes of living so that we continue to vibrate with Sheng Qi.  In this presentation Master Albert will share an insight into the Traditional Chinese view of the world (influenced by various beliefs and religions), along with a reflection of artwork and architectural style.

15:00 15:30 Master Tim Chua Yi Jing & Mei Hua

Why and what is Yi Jing?  Yi Jing provides the basis to all five arts of Chinese metaphysics. It evolves around 3 main principles of the universe; which are 不易 Bu Yi (unchanging), 变易 Bian Yi (forever changing), and 简易 Jian Yi (simplicity). It is not surprisingly that the Bagua or 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams were then invented after Yi Jing.  As for Mei Hua, it is a divination technique which rely on the theory of Yi (易理) with specifically 理 Li – cosmic theory and reasoning, 象 Xiang – cosmic phenomenon, images and things that we are able to see, 数 Shu – covers everything in the universe and associate with values.  Combining with bagua/trigrams, Yi Jing and Mei Hua allows one to accurately predict outcome of a development.  In this presentation, Master Tim Chua will share with you how this high accuracy of predictions works and why it could only be achieved if synchronicity (天时地利人和) is well observed.

15:30 16:00 Coffee / Tea Break
16:00 16:45 Master Dr Anna Zarasyan &

Master Jo Ching

Many Faces of Li离 in Qi Men Dun Jia Divination

This presentation aims to demonstrate how a Qi Men Dun Jia chart has multiple components associated with the Fire element.  The auspiciousness of it depends on how it is placed, how it interacts with other elements, as well as on the timing of the event. As we move closer to the Age of 9 the character of the events also changes, reflecting the cyclical nature of time. Master Dr Anna Zarasyan and Master Jo Ching will share divination, destiny reading and event forecasting case studies to demonstrate how multi-faceted the Fire element is.

16:45 17:30 Speaker Lim Eng Cheong Applying Chinese Metaphysics in the Age of Emerging Technologies

The metaverse is an immersive world that blurs the line between our real and virtual identities. Blockchain, touted as one of the most impactful innovations, is a fundamental pillar of the metaverse, and cryptographically authenticates data. It gives rise to cryptocurrency like the bitcoin, which is native to the system and acts as a means of conveyance. However, the proliferation of emerging Web 3.0 technologies may lead to digital divide and bring polarization among Feng Shui practitioners. Are you ready to be a part of the cultural shift? Speaker Lim Eng Cheong will share with you on how to adapt, connect and apply Chinese Metaphysical methodologies, like Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲), in this profound digital age, so as to thrive and prosper in this revolutionary and transformative technological world.

End of Day 1
Day 2 – Sunday, 6 November 2022
09:30 10:00 Registration and Arrival, Coffee and Networking
10:00 10:45 GM Raymond Lo & Master Maureen Chu   Chinese Metaphysics & The Metaverse

As Age of 9 is approaching bringing the influence of Li fire trigram, the world has fast moving towards virtual reality which include crypto currency, NFT and metaverse. This trend will obviously become the primary economic driving force and will change our mode of life in the coming 20 years. The profession in Chinese metaphysics requires one to keep up with such global development, fortunately there is close association between Chinese metaphysical knowledge and the idea of metaverse, but how we can prepare ourselves to welcome and integrate into the metaverse business? In 2021, GM Raymond lo and Master Maureen Chu cooperated with metaverse platform BOAX, promoting NFT of Chinese metaphysics. They will share their experience of such venture and the possibility to apply and promote Four Pillars, Feng Shui of the health aspects in the metaverse.

10:45 11:30 Master Jane Langof & Master Jan Leese Practising Feng Shui In The Metaverse

The Feng Shui industry is on the threshold of a unique opportunity – The Metaverse, which allows people to live the virtual life of their dreams, including buying and selling of properties, designing and building homes.  All of us know that feng shui is about the energy of our surroundings, but what would feng shui transpire in the virtual world?  Master Jan Leese and Master Jane Langof will share with you on how feng shui practitioners can get ahead of the curve so to serve their clients best in The Metaverse.

11:30 12:15 Master Dr Sabine Kullak & Master Ayuka Kaorumoto Navigating the Metaverse using I Ching

The foundation of Chinese metaphysics is based on the rule of yin and yang and 5 elements which is a meta verse assuming all matters follow such rules. And this works well in explaining human behaviour and forecasting events. Take for example, the I Ching Divination method is purely a forecasting system based on yin and yang which is same as binary digit system we adopt for computer information data today. In an I Ching Hexagram, the inter action of yin and yang and 5 elements reveal the answer to any questions. In this sharing session , Master Ayuka Kaorumoto and Master Dr Sabine Kullak will explore the challenge and opportunities in the Metaverse and will demonstrate with examples the mechanism of using I Ching to forecast events in virtual entities.

12:15 12:45 Master SBS Surendran Period 9, An Era of Changes

Everything in the universe is the outcome of energy interactions and these energies keep changing from time to time. The effect of energy changes has strong influence on various aspects of human life and wellbeing, as well as relevance in the field of metaphysical sciences especially in the application of Flying star Feng Shui. The year 2024 has great significance when we step into a new cycle of energy. The advent of technology and the necessity to adapt technology post pandemic is a curtain raiser to the kind of technology and digital world we will step into during Period 9. Will technology be the key to Feng Shui analysis in the future? In this presentation Master S BS Surendran will take us through the influence of energy on natal charts of building and individuals with relation to time in Period 9 and activating them, advent of technology and limitations, relevance of ancient Vastu Science on the influence of astral energies due to time period, and conclude with a brief insight based on Hexagrams in Imperial Classis the period 9 is made up of and general outlook of the Period 9.
12:45 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 14:15 GM Dr Stephen Skinner & Master Janene Laird The Luo Pan – Delivering the Universe on a Plate

The Luo Pan is to Feng Shui what the telescope is to Astronomy.  Anyone who tells you they can practice classical Feng Shui without one is working at about the same level as mediaeval astronomers were in the 16th century!  Indeed the Luo Pan is an amazing, precise instrument which does so much more than merely tell direction.  Rather it is a veritable encyclopaedia of Chinese cosmology and Feng Shui all painted, engraved or printed on one small, handy disk.  In short, it shows ‘the Universe on a plate’, so much so that despite any technological advancements which Period 9 and the Metaverse may bring, the Luo Pan should and will remain the prime instrument for all professional Feng Shui consultants and Masters. Please join GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and Master Janene Laird as they showcase the innumerable, irreplaceable and timeless benefits of the Chinese Luo Pan in the scientific and professional practice of Feng Shui. 

14:15 15:00 Master Cristina Groza The Five elements and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is gaining more and more space in our existence, for some becoming the existence itself. How is this new world going to influence our lives? How will the metaverse impact the Chinese metaphysics as we know it?  The Five Elements, the language of the Chinese Metaphysics system are found in the nature around us, in the natural resources of the Planet, in the birth dates, in our emotions, yet how do they manifest in the Metaverse?  Let Master Cristina Groza answers all these questions for you through her presentation.

15:00 15:45 Master Jacek Kryg Understanding Yin-Yang – The Root Concept of Chinese Metaphysics

As languages of the Western and Eastern worlds are completely different (linear for the West and dynamic for the East), we can expect the ways of thinking be vastly different in these two parts of the world.  Such differences prevented the Western world to adopt metaphysical ideas of the East as they are seen at their origins. Take the most fundamental Chinese metaphysics idea of yin-yang as an example, those from the West often have difficulty to adequately understand ideas of the East. To mitigate such struggle, should we take dynamic ideas in a linear way of thinking, or should we change our perspectives?  Master Jacek Kryg will share with you the not so easy metaphysical concept of the Far East – how one could embrace an idea so to be acquainted with another.

15:45 16:15 Coffee / Tea Break
16:15 17:15 Panel Discussions

Chinese Metaphysics & The Metaverse


  • GM Tan Khoon Yong
  • GM Raymond Lo
  • GM Dr Stephen Skinner
  • Master Jacek Kryg
  • Master Yap Boh Chu
  • Master Goh Guan Leong
17:15 17:30 Closing Session by IFSA President

Award Certificate of Appreciation to Speakers

Closing of IFSC 2022

19:00 23:00 Gala Dinner – Dinner, entertainment and more
End of Day 2
Day 3 – Post-Convention Tour – Monday, 7 November 2022
09:00 17:00 Riding The Mystic Western Dragon Fengshui Tour 2022
Full-day Tour By Way Fengshui Group

As follow up of Master Goh Guan Leong’s IFSC 2022 presentation on how the Metaverse will shape our future, you as delegate now have the opportunity to let Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong and Master Goh Guan Leong lead the way, guiding you to ride on the Mystical Western Dragon through a fengshui tour. You will explore Singapore’s Western Dragon by first going on a hike to Mount Faber to uncover strategic gems. Thereafter, we will take a stroll close to the Dragon’s Teeth Gate at Labrador Park, and learn how Energy (Qi) plays an important aspect in Fengshui. Lastly, visit Marina One where Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong will reveal the ‘secrets’ behind his genius creation. In this tour, participants will examine the traditional fengshui theory ‘The Five Geographies’ (Dragon 龙, Acupoint 穴, Sand 砂, Water 水, and Direction 向), and whether it can be replaced by technological advancements. Have your comfortable shoes on as we go on the trail together to reveal the mystic Western Dragon.