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Feng Shui for Modern Business

With the tremendous progress in Information Technology, the knowledge of feng shui and other metaphysical tools has been spreading fast and gaining much international recognition over the past 20 years.

There is a vast treasure of Chinese metaphysical tools which can be employed not only for prosperity and harmony at home, but also for important aspects within offices, shops and other commercial enterprises to enhance safety, harmony, health and profitability.

Many business clients now realize the significance of applying feng shui in the design of office and commercial buildings, they use Four Pillars of Destiny as a reference when engaging key staff members, and employ I Ching or Qi Men in making important business investment decisions. Many financial analysist, property developers and stock brokers also include feng shui factor in their forecasts.

In 2024, on the 20th Anniversary of the IFSC, we are proud to present to the public and the business world the various feng shui tools and knowledge as an important factor contributing to the success of modern businesses today.

Convention Programme

Correct as at 11 June 2024

IFSC 2024
8 – 11 November 2024

GM Raymond Lo & Senior Master Yap Boh Chu

Master Janene Laird & Master Cristina Groza

Day 0 – Pre-Convention Class, 8 November 2024 (Friday)
By Master Maureen Chu

Attendees will take home:

  • The understanding of Four Pillars of Destiny
  • 5 elements related to our internal organs
  • Various health problems caused by imbalance of elements
  • How to detect health problem and sickness well in advance
  • Preventive measures to minimize intensity of health problem
  • Maintain healthy balance with food and tea
  • Case studies.


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IFSA Members only.
End of Day 0
Day 1 – Convention, 9 November 2024 (Saturday)
09:00 09:45 Arrival, Registration, Coffee and Networking
09:45 10:30 Opening Session

Opening Speech by IFSA President
Speech by Guest of Honour
Award of Certificate – IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Masters (TBC)
Opening Ceremony – Ribbon Cutting

10:30 10:45 Tribute to Senior Master Jacek Kryg
10:45 11:15 Keynote Speaker
Dr Ho Chi Ping
11:15 12:00 Feature Speaker
GM Raymond Lo
The Feng Shui of Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a small island in South-East China which has become a prosperous international business and financial centre. Feng Shui experts from long ago already pointed out that the unique geographical location and landscape of Hong Kong carries prosperous dragon energy and described its feng shui as “Dragon Turning it’s Head to Greet the Ancestor”.  What does it mean? And how such good feng shui contributed to the success of Hong Kong? GM Raymond Lo will explain how both “Form school” and “Compass school” factors make the city one of the most lucky and safe place in the world, and will also examine the feng shui aspects of some famous buildings such as Bank of China Tower, HongKong Shanghai bank, the Peninsula Hotel etc.
12:00 13:15

Lunch Break

13:15 14:00 Master Dr Sabine Kullak The Impact of Feng Shui on Hospital Patients – An East-Western Fusion
Every patient would wish for the hospital room they stay in to be in its best conditions for healing and recovery.  With expert advice from the International Feng Shui Association, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands conducted the first ever serious scientific study by a Western research institute on Feng Shui.  The study re-designed a typical hospital room based on Feng Shui principles, proving positive impact of Feng Shui on the wellbeing of patients. Be amazed to hear from Master Dr Sabine on the progress, results and her experiences of the successful interdisciplinary collaborated study.  The study has demystified Feng Shui, proven its benefits for modern life and contributed to the worldwide acceptance and credibility of Feng Shui.
14:00 14:45 GM Dr Stephen Skinner <Topic>
14:45 15:30 Master Maureen Chu Selecting Business Partners and Key Employee Using Four Pillars of Destiny
The art of Four Pillars of Destiny is an indispensable tool for making business decisions, particularly an essential reference for selecting right business partners and key employees. The skill provides deep insight into the ability, character, inter personal relationship and career direction of a person. Through examining the Four Pillars of a candidate, one can determine whether the person is compatible with the boss and will bring good financial gain to the business. Master Maureen Chu will point explain the key factors in finding the best partner or employee with plenty of case studies.
15:30 16:00

Coffee / Tea Break

16:00 16:40 Master Grace Niu Higher Order for Modern Entrepreneurs – Marketing Strategies you MUST know in Period 9
Feng Shui Age 9 is the age of ENERGY.  The rules of creating abundance and an empowered business are changing. In this thought-provoking session, Master Grace explains how the traditional 4 Ps of Marketing take on a brand new meaning, and how you can rise up with this higher order as the key to your divine business. Inspired by the 5 Elements & Bazi, she brings new perspectives on marketing strategies, such as why YOU are your own brand – your energy sells; what are the 5 superior qualities you must embody in Period 9; why ‘seeking’ (Period 8 energy) no longer works and what to do instead; how to SELL unapologetically yet stay true to yourself, and so much more.
16:40 17:20 Master Adriel Trinidad Feng Shui and I Ching for Business Success
Profits, growth, and expansion, among others, are measures of success that businesses strive for. Find out how Flying Stars Feng Shui become a major contributing factor in achieving these goals through case studies that detail how these can be achieved. Master Adriel Trinidad will share with you three case studies – First case study shows how Flying Stars Feng Shui leads to the expansion and branching out of a Dermatologist’s Aesthetic Center, second case study details how important Flying Star Feng Shui is in determining locations with potential for a Financing Company, and third case study is on I Ching as a guide leading to strategies and decisions in business situations of an investor.
17:20 18:00 Master Esra Koyuncu Unlocking Success: Applying Feng Shui Principles in Commercial Projects for Enhanced Value and Prosperity
Embark on a journey through 3 real-life projects where the transformative power of Feng Shui principles, coupled with the harmonizing forces of Yin Yang and Flying Stars, reshaped commercial buildings into thriving hubs of success. Explore how these ancient concepts were masterfully integrated, adding tangible value and contributing significantly to the accomplishments of each project. Witness firsthand the remarkable synergy between traditional wisdom and modern achievement.
End of Day 1
Day 2 – Convention, 10 November 2024 (Sunday)
09:00 09:45 Master Ray Goh Success Secrets: Choosing a Fulfilling Career, Identifying Exceptional Partnerships, and Strategic Staffing Decisions
By harnessing the power of ZiweiBazi, Numbers, and Astrology in matching people for success in their careers, businesses, and relationships, get ready for an eye-opening session with Master Ray Goh, who will unveil decades of valuable experience and knowledge from encountering and helping numerous individuals and companies make optimal choices. Learn how to make informed decisions and achieve unparalleled success while avoiding potential pitfalls and dangers. Discover the art of precise profiling using Ziweidoushu, Bazi, Numerology, Zodiac, Face & Palm Reading, and how to determine the best method to utilize. Gain clarity between scientific and traditional methods and how to leverage luck factors while avoiding challenges. Unlock the secrets to matching career roles and discover how profiling can be aligned with Feng Shui for maximum benefit.
09:45 10:30 Speaker Naly Long How to Design Modern Holiday Villa and Yin Feng Shui in Period 9
Contemporary vacation homes can be designed with Feng Shui principles to produce settings that not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also harmonious and favor well-being. By means of an in-depth analysis on variables comprising of layout, orientation, color, and material, designers can elevate the flow of positive energy and stimulate prosperity, productivity, and well-being. Hence, by fusing these antiquated concepts with cutting-edge design, chic living may be reconciled in a holistic approach to promote healthy mind, body, and soul.  In an analogous approach, an auspicious and prosperous location is mandatory for Yin Feng Shui.  Given that there are various edges and angles to reckon with, crafting and conceptualizing a master plan necessitates considerable greater amount of work.
10:30 11:00 Coffee / Tea Break
11:00 11:45 Master Goh Guan Leong The Success Story of the Little Red Dot
Decades ago, Singapore was remarked by a neighbouring country politician that we are merely a little red dot. However, this seemingly insignificant red dot has achieved political and economic miracles that few could have predicted. What factors have contributed to Singapore’s extraordinary accomplishments? With a leadership transition in the Singapore government, can this little red dot continue to enjoy its past successes?  Join Master Goh to analyse the reasons behind these achievements from a Fengshui perspective and discover the country’s future!
11:45 12:30 Master Ayuka Akatsukiha How to Choose Best Industry for Business Investment Using Four Pillars and I Ching
In the modern business world, there are variety of different industries. The entrepreneur have to make the right choice to invest their money in the industry most likely to be profitable and successful. In this respect, the knowledge of Four Pillars and I Ching provide indispensable guidelines. Each person’s Four Pillars will indicate the element of the most suitable industry, and the I Ching will help to forecast success or failure of such investment. Master Ayuka・Akatsukiha will explain how the 5 elements associate with each industries, and provide supportive case studies of some famous businessmen to see how we can learn from their experiences.
12:30 13:45 Lunch Break
13:45 14:30 Senior Master Yap Boh Chu <Topic>
14:30 15:15 Master Vijayal Sunassee Annual Energies and Afflictions for Yin Wood Snake Year
Yin Wood Snake Year commences on 3rd February 2025 at 22.27 hours, bring with it a range of both Feng Shui and Bazi energies.  It also marks the arrival of Fire Element, which has sadly been lacking since 2018.  So how will all these affect you and what can you do to navigate any opportunities and challenges that lay ahead?  In this presentation Master Vijayal Sunassee will outline annual Bazi influences and Flying Star energies for 2025, including afflictions such as Tai Sui, San Sha, Sui Po and #5 Yellow Star, along with remedies and recommendations for enhancing auspicious sectors.
15:15 15:45 Coffee / Tea Break
15:45 16:30 GM Tan Khoon Yong Art and Fengshui in the Era of AI
Learn about the intricate and profound relationship between AI, art, and Fengshui. Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, founder of Way Fengshui Group, uniquely connects professional fengshui theories with AI operational principles. He also explores the dialectical relationship between subjective styles in artistic creation and AI, guiding us through the fascinating collision and fusion of technology and art.
16:30 17:15 Panel Discussions
GM Tan Khoon Yong                GM Raymond Lo             GM Dr Stephen Skinner
Senior Master Yap Boh Chu    Master Goh Guan Leong
17:15 17:45 Closing Session

Award Certificate of Appreciation to Speakers
Closing of IFSC 2024

19:30 23:00 Gala Dinner & IFSA Got Talent Karaoke Contest
End of Day 2
Day 3 – Post-Convention Tour, 11 November 2024 (Monday)
By Grand Master Raymond Lo

Tour Programme:

  • Visit the scenic Victoria Peak to appreciate the Dragons and landscape of Hong Kong
  • An eye-opening visit to the Central Business district to study and experience the feng shui aspect of the most famous commercial buildings such as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Bank of China Tower, Standard Chartered Bank etc.
  • Examine the feng shui of the must-visit, century old famous Wong Tai Sin Temple
  • Enriching feng shui on site exercise to analyse the feng shui of an office.


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End of Day 3

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