Speaker details for IFSC 2024 to be updated progressively.

GM Tan Khoon Yong

Way Fengshui Group, Singapore

Born in Singapore, Grand Master Tan inherited his forefathers’ expertise at the age of 30 and established Way Chinese Geomancy Centre in 1984. He is a veteran of geomancy studies…

GM Raymond Lo

Raymond Lo Feng Shui School,
Hong Kong

A native of Hong Kong, Grand Master Raymond Lo – popularly known as “Fung Shui Lo” – is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Social Sciences…

GM Vincent Koh


Grand Master Vincent Koh developed an interest in Feng Shui during his long and successful career in the building industry since 1967. Over time, many of his clients began to seek his advices…

GM Dr Stephen Skinner

Golden Hoard, United Kingdom

Grand Master Dr Stephen Skinner wrote the first feng shui book in English “Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui” in the 20th century, brought Feng Shui to the attention of the Western world…

Dr Ho Chi Ping

Hong Kong

Master Adriel Trinidad

Lightcatchers Crystals, Philippines

Master Adriel Jose-Angelo Trinidad has been successfully heading the Feng Shui department of Lightcatchers Crystals, his family’s enterprise which was established in 2008.  Since …

Ayuka ・Akatsukiha

Alchemist 32, Japan

Since childhood, Master Ayuka Akatsukiha had had the feeling that her views and thinking were different from others.  Through her experiences in a Buddhist kindergarten and serving as a Miko in shrines near her …

Master Cristina Groza

Cristina Groza Feng Shui & Bazi Academy, Romania
A science complementary to architecture – that is how Master Cristina Groza, an architect by training and Feng Shui specialist, approaches the field of Feng Shui. Graduated in interior and furniture design …

Master Esra Koyuncu

Esra Koyuncu Feng Shui Consultancy, Turkey
Master Esra Koyuncu is a leading Feng Shui expert in Turkey and the region. A trained consultant, lecturer, and writer under the guidance of Grand Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong). …

Master Grace Niu


Master Goh Guan Leong

Way Fengshui Group, Singapore
A fengshui master of Way Fengshui Group since 2004, Master Goh Guan Leong specialises in bazi and fengshui consultation. Under the mentorship of GM Tan Khoon Yong and Master Chew…

Master Janene Laird

Shengchi-Feng Shui, Australia
Master Janene Laird is the principal consultant and founder of ShengChi-Feng Shui, a successful Australian based Professional Feng Shui Consultancy. She comes from…

Master Maureen Chu

Raymond Lo Feng Shui School, Hong Kong
A Specialist in promoting Health Science and Chinese Metaphysics, Master Maureen Chu graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, …

Speaker Naly Long

Master Naly Fengshui Co., Ltd

Master Long Naly is a pioneering figure in the field of feng shui in Cambodia, whose wisdom and guidance have inspired countless individuals.  In 2016, Master …

Master Ray Goh

MYFAD (Malaysia Fengshui Astrology Destiny) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
With over 30 years of experience, Master Ray Goh did his studies and research on ZiWei DouShu, Bazi and Feng Shui, and started off by providing consultation through a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).  As a …

Master Dr Sabine Kullak

Self Element, Germany

While living and working in China, Master Dr Sabine embarked on her learning journey and after intense studies of Feng Shui, Ba Zi Suan Ming and I Ching with Grand Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong, …

Master Vijayal Sunassee

Mastervijayalsunassee.com, Mauritius
Born in Mauritius and after completed her studies in Edinburgh, Scotland, Master Vijayal Sunassee started her career as a Chartered Town Planner.  Feeling that a bureaucratic  …

Senior Master Yap Boh Chu

Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Academy, Malaysia
Master Yap Boh Chu graduated from the Swinburne Institute of Technology (now Swinburne University), Australia, with double majors in Information …

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